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Hellenic Prosperity Fund

About Us

A hedge fund operated out of New York, that is distinctively designed to exploit a singular, mispriced opportunity. The founders of HPF bring with them a history of success in recognizing, executing, and profiting from comparable asymmetrical trades during their tenure at top global hedge funds.

Our Mission

Providing our investors
with a unique and focused
investment strategy

We strive to harness the potential of singular, mispriced opportunities, turning financial complexities into avenues for sustainable wealth creation.

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Core Values

A triad of principles

At the heart of our investment fund lies a triad of principles: Time, Asymmetry, and Stewardship. These are not mere words; they are the guiding forces behind our strategies. Below, we explain how we utilize these principles to responsibly drive wealth creation and manage risk, giving our clients the confidence and security they seek in their financial journeys.


Our investment strategy values the element of time, understanding that long-term perspective coupled with patience fosters the gradual and sustainable accumulation of wealth.


Harnessing the power of asymmetry, we identify and leverage mispriced opportunities, capitalizing on the imbalances to maximize returns while minimizing risks.


Our firm's approach to stewardship is grounded in robust risk management practices, ensuring that we grow our client's wealth responsibly and with unwavering integrity.

Our Focus

Greek financial markets

Our specialization lies in the burgeoning opportunities within the Greek financial markets, an area we've identified as ripe with potential, especially in the wake of its economic recovery. Leveraging our robust investment expertise and a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of these markets, we strategically invest in a variety of alternative assets, seeking to yield superior returns.

  • Post-2008 crisis, Greek economy displays strong bounce back.

  • Greece bolstered by the largest financial assistance program in history.

  • Focus on attracting overseas investments in diverse sectors.

  • Greece's commitment to the European Green Deal invites sustainable investment opportunities.

  • Athens Stock Exchange's offers volatility for potential high-return opportunities.


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